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Our planet is facing major challenges including climate change, resource scarcity and population growth.  These issues regularly appear in media headlines and their implications and consequences are analyzed in long, detailed articles. Yet for some businesses this situation actually represents a major opportunity: if you are a manufacturer and supplier of intelligent environmental technologies, your products will be more in demand than ever in international markets. EHLION is a language service provider that supports both large and small suppliers of products and concepts that actively help to protect the environment, increase energy efficiency, and remedy environmental damage. We'll be delighted to advise you on solutions specifically tailored to your needs – from specialized translations to professional cross-cultural coaching.

We speak the language of environmental technology

Climate change, resource scarcity, and population growth have real and potential consequences that pose a major threat to the world we live in – yet they also offer international opportunities for smart, high-quality environmental technology. We offer language services that can help you achieve optimum positioning of your successful concepts and technologies in international markets. As a provider of specialist translations, EHLION's expertise covers the entire spectrum of industry-specific terminology and styles. EHLION's professionals are qualified translators with in-depth expertise in the relevant subject areas, ensuring that complex technical content is translated so that it is not only accurate, with consistent use of the correct specialist terminology, but readily understandable in the languages you require.

Our language experts' experience and technical knowledge cover a broad range of technologies, including waste treatment, energy efficiency, power generation, environmental remediation and preventive environmental protection. From soil remediation, water treatment and filter systems to energy-efficient building technology, heat pumps and solar installations, our qualified translators know the right terms in whatever languages you need. EHLION's terminology creation service makes your life easier when it comes to in-house terminology management and developing a standardized corporate language. We boost the cost efficiency and quality of your multilingual communication, including the required technical documentation.

Language services for clean technologies

The United States is the largest single producer of environmental technologies in the world, with billions of dollars of exports. EHLION is familiar with the challenges facing companies that operate internationally. You and your employees will often have to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers in order to work together productively with partners, customers and personnel in other countries. We can support you in international markets with professional cross-cultural coaching and our interpreting services. With EHLION, you'll enjoy successful international corporate communications in global markets.

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Are you looking for a suitable partner to help you with your international communication needs in the field of environmental, green and clean technology? We look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to provide advice and develop the optimal solution for you. EHLION offers a wide range of services to business customers in the environmental technology industry, including professional translations by qualified translators who meet our high quality standards and translate exclusively into their native languages. We also provide efficient, professional assistance in implementing localization projects (websites, apps, software) and handling tasks such as terminology creation, DTP and foreign-language typesetting. Do you need interpreters as well? We'll design a customized solution specifically tailored to your requirements. We work with more than 80 different languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Turkish and many others. Browse through our website at ehlion.de – our language guides provide interesting facts and figures and even feature audio samples taken from literary works!

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