Energy technology

EHLION supports manufacturers and suppliers in the energy technology sector with a comprehensive range of international communications and language services.

We offer high-quality translations produced by qualified native speakers with years of experience working in energy techn ology.

Specialized translations for the energy technology sector

With our specialized translations and specialist glossaries compiled according to your specifications, we ensure that all your documentation — whatever its type and format — conforms to the statutory requirements in your target markets. We will be delighted to provide personal advice and assistance, and will deliver a customized communications solution tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

EHLION specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services relating to language and international communications.

Our immense expertise in translation project management enables us as an external service provider to increase the productivity of internal corporate translation departments or – alternatively – to take over all translations and foreign-language communication tasks such as terminology creation and maintenance, for example.

Unbeatable quality

EHLION works exclusively with native speakers who possess both outstanding qualifications as translators as well as profound expertise in your company’s industry or field. We cover the entire range of specialties in your industry, from the fundamentals of energy technology, energy efficiency, technology for energy conversion and transmission to renewable energy sources, smart grids and high-performance photovoltaic systems.

However technically complex your documents are, EHLION’s specialized translators can translate them accurately into all your target languages while ensuring that the specialist terminology remains consistent. And our cultural coaches can prepare you and your employees for foreign assignments and give them useful insights into cultural differences. Because nothing beats a productive and high-performance multinational team!

Tailored communications solutions



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