EHLION provides a comprehensive range of professional language solutions for companies, trade associations and institutes in the biotech industry.

Our language professionals are just as familiar with biotech terminology as they are with the formal requirements placed on companies in the industry when it comes to filing quarterly reports and patent applications.

Technical translations for biotech companies

At EHLION, technical and scientific texts are translated by native speakers who possess outstanding linguistic skills and in-depth knowledge of the relevant subject matter in biotechnology and related fields.

Our services are built to help global biotech companies innovate, whether in the development of new medicines and vaccines or in the areas of plant, industrial or marine biotechnology.

Accurately translating complex content into a clear and readable text in a different language is a challenging task, but it’s one that EHLION language professionals know how to handle.

They are well versed in what readers expect from scientific and technical materials in the languages they specialize in. Moreover, they are experts in the various forms of marketing communications, and ensure that your message is accurately and successfully conveyed to your target groups.

Professional terminology management

Do you work for a biotech company with an international presence? Let EHLION help you professionalize you ;terminology management. Our services also include targeted website localizationto show your international contacts and customers that you are a credible partner.

Please get in touch so that we can discuss your specific needs.

Where language expertise meets industry knowledge



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