Automotive industry

As a professional language services provider, EHLION supports companies in the automobile and automotive industries in their international communication.

From major automakers with global value chains to SME manufacturers of innovative niche products for international markets, we are familiar with the communication requirements in your sector — from the translation all of your technical documentation to internal corporate communication in numerous languages.

Language and communications services for the automotive industry

We provide automotive companies with professional and reliable services for translations, technical documentation and terminology creation.

Our many years of experience in translation project management and the use of CAT tools enable us to collaborate in optimal fashion with your internal corporate language services department. As an external service provider, we will also be happy to provide all of the language and communication services you require.

Language services for global companies

EHLION’s specialist translators are very familiar with the requirements for international product information, user manuals and the full range of marketing materials. We provide all the experts, partners and professional tools you need — so you get the best possible support in the languages you use in your various locations and markets.

EHLION offers specialist translations by native speakers who unite outstanding linguistic expertise with industry-specific technical knowledge , so that we can supply our customers in the automobile and automotive industries with polished specialist texts in every language.

We are also aware of the challenges that a multinational workforce presents to internal communications. EHLION translators are skilled and confident in the use of various forms and styles of communication.

Specialist translations, technical documentation and more

Translation Services EHLION


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