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The EHLION Foundation


The EHLION Foundation: helping people

Our society today is characterized by glaring inequalities in the living standards of people around the world. We are well aware of this at EHLION, and as a company we consider it our duty to provide targeted assistance and support. Currently, the EHLION Foundation supports various charitable and non-profit organizations and projects with donations, focusing primarily on capacity building. Our primary goal is to help people take the initiative to improve their own lives. The EHLION Foundation is a private foundation.


Our guiding principles: fairness and respect

At EHLION, we believe that we as individuals and as a company bear responsibility for our fellow human beings and for our environment. Fair, respectful and courteous conduct towards our clients, staff members and partners is one of the key principles of our business. Since the establishment of the EHLION Foundation in 2012, we have been supporting larger as well as smaller and local non-profit organizations and projects that provide various forms of assistance in developing countries.


Education for a better life

Education is crucial to enabling people to determine the course of their own lives. Among other projects, the EHLION Foundation supports the Kenyan Children Help foundation, which enables children from vulnerable families to attend school and get an education. Many of the children live and eat their meals at the school, where they are provided with a caring environment.

The EHLION Foundation also supports other projects that focus on fostering self-help initiatives. For example, donations were made to a foundation that provides micro-loans particularly to women in various countries in Africa and Asia as well as Central and South America. The financial assistance helps these women find ways to support themselves and their families independently and successfully. We have also made donations to a large, international organization which offers medical care in areas affected by humanitarian crises.


Our own assistance program

In addition to supporting these charitable projects of other foundations, associations and organizations, we operate our own program that embodies the purpose of our foundation — helping people help themselves.

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